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. >> but to the prototype for obama care, the massachusetts health care plan created by mr. obama's former 2012 rival, mitt romney, in that first month, in that program, slow rollout, only roughly 100 people signed up. >> virtually every resident in the commonwealth is insured today. >> health care reform in this state was a success. that doesn't mean it was perfect right away. >> officials warn, the numbers would be low. >> that doesn't include those who enrolled in state exchanges. >> the state exchanges, which are essentially set up for free by the federal government in the states that accepted them, are doing very well. >> it's cranking out people that are joining up every day. >> over the last three years, internal obstacles and bureaucratic molasses threatened the whole enterprise. >> when you go to the pulse center and find out how many residents in that state are being helped, you only shake your head as to why we aren't doing that in every state of the union. >> all of this is in place right now. it is working right now. >> if there is a way that you can insure every one of your people or get them
, that enrollment in the first month would be low. that is the experience we saw in massachusetts. and it is the experience we expect here because especially for healthier younger people, the pattern of behavior is to shop around to wait before you purchase when you don't have to purchase before december 15th in order to have insurance on january 1st, which the earliest possible date for coverage. we expect that pattern to play out with the marketplaces in the affordable care act. secondly, the fact that the website has been so challenging and so problematic in that first month means that the enrollment numbers will be even lower than expected. beyond that, i don't have specific figures. i have not seen specific figures. but i anticipate we will be releasing data about enrollment by the end of the week. >> but you don't have a specific date? >> i do not. mark. >> thanks, jay. the president spoke last week about gaps and problems with the rollout of the website that need to be fixed. what are those gasp and what fixes would you -- >> well, he was referring to, and i'll quote, "i've
and recovery, cambridge, massachusetts; jim williams, executive director, the association of recovery schools, houston, texas. ben, the millennial generation goes 18- to 25-year-olds, more or less. talk to me about what are the major characteristics of this cohort? i really think our ability to connect using social media and all the other technology resources are really a strength and a defining characteristic of this age group. very good. alison, obviously, we have heard of the many challenges in the mental health area that this generation faces. can you describe some of those challenges for us? sure; this generation is facing mental health challenges that we haven't seen in generations past, and i think ranging from them growing up with instances like 9/11, columbine, virginia tech, some of the more prominent mental health and tragic situations have really just caused young adults to grow up in a different environment, in a different world. and at the same time, there's more awareness around mental health issues, and there's some more talking about it. and so young adults are little more kn
numbers would be low and increase over time as just was the experience in massachusetts where only 0.3% or 123 people paying premiums enrolled in the first month. as we've said, the problems with the website will cause the numbers to be lower than initially anticipated. just this morning we heard from republican senator robb portman who said the website's technological problems, coupled with the fine print in the affordable care act are leaving many americans uncovered. >> it's something that is even worse than many of us predicted because people are losing their coverage and not being able to sign up. >> reporter: the administration's target for year one remains seven million new enrollments in the federal marketplace. they're about 6,950,000 short of that, with 139 days to go. connell: that's a big gap, peter. what are lawmakers asking the administration to do? >> reporter: arthel, we heard democrats and republicans alike demanding an investigation but now those calls are growing louder and more specific especially now this morning from democratic north carolina senator kay hagen.
coverage will continue later today on c-span networks with remarks from massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who will talk about wall street reforms at an americans for finance reform event live at 1:00 p.m. eastern at c-span2. richard cordray, the rector of consumer financial protection bureau will testify before the senate banking committee live at 2:30 p.m. eastern on c-span3. public affairs evidence from washington directly to you, putting you in the room at congressional hearings, white house events, briefings and conferences and offering complete gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house, all as a public service of private industry. we are c-span. created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. and now you can watch us in hd. .> a look now at iran the world affairs council of las vegas hosted middle east expert jerrold geen. the coverage begins by describing the current situation with iran and he then introduces the luncheon speaker. this is just over an hour. >> i'm delighted to see you all here. are you able to hear me in the
. >> reporter: administration officials are also fond of pointing to massachusetts, arguing that when governor romney set up universal care there, his initial enrollment numbers were also low. those familiar with massachusetts, however, say that's not true, that in the first full month of active enrollment in just that one state, some 45,000 people signed up. >> that translated into 27% of the amount of people that ended up enrolling in that entire first year. if that were to be reflected at the federal level we would expect 1.89 million people to be enrolled in the first month. >> reporter: instead of 40,000 to 50,000. the administration has pledged to release its own enrollment numbers sometime this week. analysts worry the administration will try to make the numbers look larger by including those that have simply filed an application. >> in my mind no one is enrolled in obama care until the insurance company knows about them. and my conversations with the insurance companies indicates the numbers are extremely low. >> reporter: officials argue they will only include people who have applied
preservation commissions i'm happy to work with her again. alicia is coming to us from cambridge, massachusetts to please join me in welcoming alicia to san francisco. commissioners that conclusions any presentation >> i just want to mention and thank tim and the staff for the excellent job they did do at the african-american community forum. i tenant and also convincing if the planning commission. we said hell hello and we'd be listening and very much involved. there was a group that kind of basically challenged the way things were happening and it was good basically, they were saying are you the planning department tlut our history and, of course not that. and i think as we go forward particularly in looking at some of the recommendations out of the historic recommendation report the historic surveys are done and the historic contact statement we pay attention to insuring that and understanding it's done to make sure it's inclusive, you know, as possible. i think the planning department is going to come up with the recommendations of the issues. were brought up. it's very illuminating and ov
boston group exploring potential bid for 2024 olympics the former massachusetts vernor successlly headed the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake city. >>> and topping our ne, nearly 2,0 people are confirmed dead in the plippines from typhoo haiyan. officialwarn the death toll could climb to more than 10,000. >>> dens of americanailors and more than aircraft are on their way on board the "uss george washington" to the hard-hit area. military officls say suicides among service members are down more than 22% this year. e number spiked to 349 last yearthe highest since the peagon beganracking in2001. >>> andoronto mayor rob for told supporters monday that he is, quot not going anywhere, guaranteed, follong his admission at he smoked crack cocaine. the city council is expected to vo tomorrow on an unprecedented motion that wld remove ford fromffice if he doesn't take a leave of absence. >>> okay. so in singapore, fans of anime flocked togeth for an ultimate night of playing dress-up. at the annual festival, participants celebrated their passionsor various video ge chacters and japanese anime p
sospechoso del atentado a la maratón de boston en massachusetts alegan que su cliente es torturado tras las rejas. se reportó en un diario de boston que los abogados de dzhokhar tsarnaev dijeron esto en una audiencia debido a que su defendido no puede socializar con otros presos ni ser visitado amigos. el joven de 20 años está acusado de participar en la detonación de bombas caseras, pero tres personas y pidieron a decenas más. - la marina de guerra estadounidense enfrenta un nuevo escándalo de corrupción relacionado con prostitutas y dinero a cambio de información. según reportes, el vicealmirante raúl y otro oficial superior de la madrina, junto con un agente del servicio de investigación criminal fueron arrestados hace dos meses por vender secretos militares al director de una empresa que recopilaban datos acerca de cualquier movimiento de los buques de guerra y sus oficiales. - vamos a la información internacional este martes en el mundo en 60 segundos. >> en filipinas, están evacuando a los sobrevivientes de el supervisor que azotó este país. las autoridades estiman que
, they are saying oh, it is the website. in massachusetts it started slow also. it has nothing do with that. that's just the first one. we used the analogy. stripper with the cold sore. eventually the cold sore goes away. she is still the stripper. you are ending up with obama care and when they get beyond the website we realize what obama care is, the enrollment numbers aren't going to come anywhere near where they expect it to be or what they want it to be, then they will realize they have nothing to run on. my suggestion wouldn't be to delay as -- look, let's get this thing over with. >> so far is the increase in medicaid and states where the republicans haven't screwed around with it. >> how is that successful? all have you done is put more people on and no people enrolling to pay for the people. >> because if we had a single payer plan, everybody could be covered. >> my solution is call it socialism. obama needs to pivot. he loves to pivot. he pivots more than bolshoi. carbon emissions some how interfered with the website launch and they should start thinking about replacing computers with s
will work massachusetts proves we can make it work. it will work better for you if the whole country is under a similar system. and i do not want another member of congress waking up another day praying for anyone to fail in this important mission. >> the white house has said that president obama and president clinton are on the same page. >> we haven't announced any potential fixes or moves that we might be able to make to address this problem but the president as you heard him say, we is interested in trying to address this problem. it is pris striking to hear him that he thinks the affordable care act needs some changes. he said he was his secretary of explaining stuff. >> i remember. i wonder if he is on the phone with him right now trying to get a better explanation. time now to dissect these numbers for you. so far, 60,000 people have signed up for obama care from the website. according to a memo obtained by the ap. dismal numbers making the estimate of 7 million sign ups by spring seeming less than ever. >> good to see you congressman. >> good to see you as well. >> i know you
enrollment in the first month would be low. that's the experience we saw in massachusetts and experience we expect here. especially for health here, younger people. the pattern of behavior is to wait before you have to purchase before december 15th to have coverage on january 1st. we expect that pattern to play out with the marketplaces and affordable care act and the fact that the website is so challenging and problematic in the first month, means that the enrollment numbers are lower than expected. and beyond that, i don't have specific figures and i have not seen specific figures and i anticipate to release data about enrollment by the end of the week. >> but you don't have specific data. >> i do not. >> the president spoke about gas and problems with the roll out of the website that needs to be fixed. what are those gaps. >> he was referring to and i will quote. i assigned my team to see what we can do to address the holes and gaps in the law. he was talking about cancellation and concern about individuals who have had existing policies cancelled and that issue has gotten a lot of atten
, massachusetts. >> they are electing a new are bishop to are serve as the face of the american catholic church. >>> now, to hear from the own are of the miami dolphins. next on al jazeera america (vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. al jazeera america... >>introduces... "america tonight". >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected. >> the latest on the president's new health care plan are raising influence are scrupt, less than 10% of the administration's initial estimates. the numbers don't claim state department enrollees. has refused to comment on any exact num
in massachusetts. >> caller: yeah, hi. first time caller but a very long time fan. >> thank you. >> caller: my stock has gone progressively lower from 139 to 121 today. has j&j troubles brought the blockbuster pc down? >> i think that wonder drug is going to get right through the fda. 50/50. i like j&j. i reiterate, buy. let's go to phillip in michigan. >> caller: hi jim. thank you. you're good for america. my stock is sky works solutions. >> here's the problem. today's cirrus, a very good company, they got designed out of an ipad air. everyone is panicking. i feel sky works is still a trader. let's go to john in florida. >> caller: hi. john in dunedin, florida. >> good to have you again. what's up? >> i'd like to know if it's a good time to get back in on arena pharmaceutical? >> no, john. we've got to go blue chip. that one isn't even a red chip. nikita in washington. >> caller: hey jim. booyah to you. lng. i know we've got a while before those train whistles blow, but how we looking at the station? >> i've been pushing cnqu because i like the dividend action. once again, who has made us mon
is donating the $30 million collection to a massachusetts museum foundation to be put on display. the foundation will auction off half of the 240 vehicles to raise $10 million to build a museum on the east coast. >> yes. amazing amount of stuff. >> basketball player who is fast with his feet and hands. coming up, college basketball all star who wowed fan was a rubic's cube. >> today's seven on your side q and a is just ahead. you can contact me on facebook.com/michael finney abc7 and on twitter at m finny. i'll answer questions here in just a moment. >> i'm spencer christian. we can see clouds thickening in the northern sky. will clouds reach the bay area? the accu-weather forecast is next. >> this is not what you'd expect on a holiday. right? look at the traffic on the skyway. cars coming towards you trying to get on to the bay bridge. backed up but it's no picnic going the other direction, either. stay with us. abc7 new >>> about 600 pounds of space junk is now ocean junk. it fell into the atlantic ocean off south america. it fell to earth today after running out of fuel three
the massachusetts freshman senator clinton's biggest nightmare. editor joins me now, thank you very much. how serious do you think this would be? i know elizabeth warren is saying she's not running, won't do this. a lot of people in the party not only want to see a challenge to hillary clinton but want to see a challenge even if it isn't realized. they just want to make sure she doesn't move too far to the center. >> that's exactly right. there's three questions to think through as we have this conversation. one, has the party changed since the last time hillary ran in 2008. i think all the polling data suggests it has. it's much more populace, rank and file democrats skeptical of power and influence of large corporations, more skeptical of wall street in general. clearly the data bears out a movement among the rank and file. two, would this present a problem for hillary clinton? no question it would. going back to the anyone 90s when her husband ran for lot o them some of the intellectual architects of their economic policy and that continues to this day. there's no question that that tensi
pileup in buffalo new york. from the first flakes flying in massachusetts to this little girl basking in well over a foot in michigan. look at the temperatures slipping into the teens and the 20s in the great lakes and the first full freeze from boston to new york city. tomorrow morning the south is not spared. freezing as far south as dallas and atlanta all the way to the gulf coast. while the below average chill will be short lived, aaa is reminding us it's time to get your vehicles ready. it's always good to keep a bag of cat litter or salt for traction in case your car gets stuck. have a basic tool kit with pliers and an adjustable wrench. finally a penny. yep it's that simple to find out if you need new tires. put it head first into your tire tread. if you can see all of lincoln's head you need new tires. if it goss down past the hairline you're okay. this should be good for this winter. there are more than 600,000 winter related car accidents every year. so grab a penny and do the test tonight. diane. >> great advice as the season begins. thanks so much. >>> tonight a big health
the possibility of an elizabeth warren candidacy for presidency whether the massachusetts senator might challenge hillary clinton. and that's a different kind of unhappiness, the populace rage. you got the income in equality. senator cruz speaks to that. chris christie sfeex that in his candor and bluntness. people will tell you that the youtubes of chris christie speaking his mind will hurt him. i think that's exactly where a lot of the country is right now and it certainly is where the republican base is which will make up some of the steps that you are rightly pointing out to, he starts way behind with that group. he has to prove himself. his move is their move. >> politico's mike allen. mike, always good see you. coming up next he might be the last guy you expect to score, bucs tackle donald penn. throwing down afterwards. dolphins/bucs monday night football. sports is next. [ imitating car engine ] that's mine. ♪ that's mine. that's mine. ♪ come on, kyle. ♪ [ horn honks ] that's mine...kyle. [ male announcer ] revenge is best served with 272 horses. get the best offers of the season no
in north adam, massachusetts, pfeiffer years ago and be sent to an aisle of rice crispy bars, the land of bahzillion calories and in all of what happens, these market share warriors are on the losing end of the movement and i can think of two clear-cut winners and you will understand that the first and most obvious is haynes celestial. the most aggressive worldwide player and croyou have to read last conference call. he and he alone recognizes this is an exquisite moment for the industry. this is the true land grab. he's the only one that knows it. every reg stefr every retailer must need natural and organic merchandise to sell. second is white wave and saw him yesterday on the show. here's a company that sells plant-based drinks. people like plants. they either don't trust the food chain or they don't want the calories that anything bovine-derived would give you. plants are fresher than old cows. almond is safer than dead meat. finally, there's clark's. people ask how can clark's be worth 9 bucks a share. clark's is at burt's bees. we're paying too much for a proper they seems more li
that elizabeth warren from massachusetts could be gearing up to challenge clinton. "if hillary clinton runs and retains her ties to wall street, warren will be more likely to join the race, not less. warren is shrewd enough to understand the future of the democratic party is at stake in 2016. at age 64, she knows if hillary wins and populates yet another administration with heirs to robert ruben, it will be at least eight years to reclaim the party. she has a sense of destiny, says a former aid. if hillary or the man on the moon is not representing her stuff and her people don't have a seat at the table, she'll do what she can to make sure it's represented. joy reid is with thegrio.com and msnbc contributor. and josh green is senior political editor at "bloomberg businessweek." both of you, i want you both to espouse a possible course over the next two years whereby elizabeth warren runs for president with or without an opponent named hillary clinton. >> well, it's easy. i mean, elizabeth warren's political career, her career in the senate has been all about trying to tilt the powers in was
states that are using the federal exchanges. that is slightly better than the 2007 massachusetts enrollment rate that the white house has been comparing itself to. remember, high enrollment is the key to making this entire law work. with tech issues and glitches, the administration is far off track of its goal of 7 million people enrolled by the end of march. white house had a word of caution. >> i cannot confirm those numbers. you know, there have been a variety of reports saying a variety of different things, i have not seen specific figures, but i anticipate that we will be releasing data about enrollment by the end of the week. >> so let's take it to the bank, "washington post" dana milbank, that is. as our favorite d.c. cynic. what do you make of these snubz. >> i'm not a cynic, just a little -- >> they are disappointing numbers of course, but expectations are so low. if they -- the fact they made it out of the double digits is going to surprise some folks. but of course, you know, the people are just pouncing at this point. i was on a conference call this morning and it was
will work out exactly as planned. >> but to the prototype for obama care, the massachusetts health care plan created by mr. obama's former 2012 rival, mitt romney, in that first month, in that program, slow rollout, only roughly 100 people signed up. >> virtually eve
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. meanwhile, officials say hold on just a second. keep in mind the experience up in massachusetts. that is where the prototype for obama care was created by mitt romney. they say expect the same experience they had up in massachusetts. things will ramp up slowly, carol. >> jim acosta, reporting live from the white house this morning. >>> opening bell just rang on wall street. christine romans is in new york. so, christine, yesterday, posted a record high. >> that's right. >> smiling as big today. >> 35 records, carol, so a little bit of a pause wouldn't be that surprising. futures were lower headed into that bell ringing, 2:10 ago. when you put it in context, carol, each one of these days is so important to put into context what's happening in the market. the dow is up some 20% this year. that is an amazing run. now, the dow is 30 stocks. what about the nasdaq, a tech-heavy index? it has a lot of other things in there, too. s&p 500, carol, that's more like what the stock part of your 401(k) probably looks like. it's up 24%. it's been a very good run and now word this morning is, a
the charles river in boston, massachusetts. >> she talked about the establishment of the library. can you talk about what she did to preserve and enhance the legacy of john kennedy's presidency? >> it did start with the library. jfk looked at what was going to be the site of his presidential library on the boston side of the charles across the river from most of harvard. she started to raise money for it and she began to think about who should be the architect. most people would have found an established architect like edward dorrel stone who did the kennedy center here in washington, known for doing government buildings and in my view surpassing ugliness and massiveness. she employed one that was little known because she was thought he was much more in the spirit of j.f.k. who was young and was not well known himself. >> she also -- speaking of architect. the president with john carl weirneke. he had helped her with the saving of lafayette square and putting in low rise brick buildings that blended in. he designed the grave site. she worked hard with him on that as well. >> two years ago, the
service he taught 30 years at the university of massachusetts and welcomed here today. please proceed. >> thank you. in the draft report stemming the tried strategy to reduce the growth that cut the cost of federal prison system. and it observes this growth come at -- i agree more with the report. we need consider in order make good decision and as a result may offer cost shifting and that true cost savings. the more comprehensive view of the problem we face would cast the issue differently. we need to reduce not the cost of incarceration or indeed the criminal justice system. but rather the total associate cost of crime including not only expenditure on public safety but the cost of victimization, tangible and intangible to the public. as we seek to do this, the allocation of funds among component of the criminal just i system could be guided by the demonstrated effectivenesses in reducing crime. not the absolute or relative size compared to other component of the criminal justice system. just how large and costly is the prison population? according to the bureau of u.s. bureau -- th
the last moment or two of this and take you live to elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts, speaking at the u.s. capitol in the russell senate office building. she's speaking to a group called the persons for financial reform and the roosevelt institute, it's just getting underway live here on c-span2. >> we fought shoulder to shoulder throughout the dodd-frank effort and after that in the regulatory efforts and continue that battle today. so i want to start this by saying a very big thank you to americans for financial reform and to the roosevelt institute for inviting me to speak here today. i've been working very closely with afr and with roosevelt, and i am delighted to be here. you know, it has been five years since the financial crisis, but we all remember its darkest days. credit dried up, the stock market crashed, historic institutions like lehman brothers and merrill lynch or were wiped out. there were legitimate fears that our economy was tumbling over a cliff, be and we were heading into another great depression. we averted that grim outcome, but the damage was s
in massachusetts you saw small numbers. you have a lot of time until the deadline. i wonder if we're like -- is this negative momentum we're seeing here. >> you've been around politics in your life, mr. cuomo. the facts or being prepared sometimes don't make sense. the republicans know the 10, 12, 15, senate democrats are in tough races. they are not only waging a national argument but pouring resources into those specific ads to drive to drive the unpopularity of the program up even more, blame the specific democratic senators, senator landrieu of louisiana is partly responsible. senator shaheen of new hampshire is causing this problem with the president. they're looking for the biggest political opening to keep the pressure on the administration from within his own party. it's part of politics. welcome to the beast. >> you're hearing more and more democrats even talking about delaying the deadline. do you think the administration will go along with it? >> we're not at the tip of it but we might get dangerously close. what the administration has said we'll try to do everything we can adm
weymouth, massachusetts. chris and i met about nine years ago. when we were 17 years old. we met on a blind date. we were set up by a couple of our friends and we've been together, ever since. (chris) it was love at first sight, when we first met. would agree with that. the first thing i noticed about chris, was his body. he's always been very muscular and i love his arms. i thought he was a hottie. (chris) i knew, just because you get that feeling. you know, that butterfly in your stomach. it always makes you nervous, no matter how long you're together, you still get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. oh. that was the sweetest thing, i've ever heard. (announcer) despite the immediate and undeniable bond, nine years went by without a marriage proposal. so, one day, amanda got fed up with waiting. i proposed to chriby coming home with his wedding band along with the ring that i designed for myself. i gave him his ring and asked him to marry me. and then i handed him my ring and told him that he needed to ask me. when amanda came home, she, basically, just said, "i bought my ring. "surp
. and massachusetts found a combination of unemployment insurance, $15.4 million in one year loss and $13 million in the unreported earnings. so, adding up -- it's quite a magnitude. the federal estimates vary a lot and depend on which data set the agency's looking at. >> appreciate that. mr. anderson, i didn't have a chance to ask you a question or two about your own situation. but i was struck by -- in your testimony, the reference you made to -- i picked up on that phrase tongue lashing meaning -- this is what i interpreted and see if this makes sense to you -- when you're an employee there's, to use a term of art so to speak, there's a degree of control that someone has, that employer has over that employee and can direct them and give them a tongue lashing when they're not doing good work. whether it was that aspect of your relationship with your employer and then the -- however you described the next entity that you were working with, whether it was tongue lashing or other aspects of your relationship, that didn't change very much from one status to the other, is that correct? >> correct. i
of these flood-risk projects by mid 2015. of the identified continuing projects, massachusetts, connecticut, new york, new jersey delaware, areland, and virginia currently scheduled to receive beach erosion and coastal storm damage risk reduction projects. and we expect 70% of this work by 2016.pleted there will always be residual ink for americans who live coastal regions. expected changes in sea level otherextreme weather, and impacts are likely to increase the risks fating these areas. -- facing these areas. together with noah and fema, the corps of engineers developed a helpevel rise tool to communities anticipate the influence of sea level rise. will use base flood elevation maps from fema, the coastal of noaah.pabilities and a sea level rise calculator engineers.rps of this tool yesterday was recognized by the president and awarded the green government climate change champion award. ourhe collaboration between agencies as a result of sandy has already produced a future-looking sustainability and tool that we can all use throughout the federal government. in addition, noaah and the corps of
are an elizabeth warren liberal from massachusetts, it doesn't matter where you stand, if you stand against an american war policy you have to speak up. that is probably the best response. host: herman in louisiana on our line for democrats. caller: good morning. host: good morning. caller: i want to say a couple of things right quick. i want to ask the gentleman a question. man, 87i am a negro years old. i have been all over the world. i know how much america is being hated around the world. if i was an american born citizen and give up my citizenship to go to another country to join up and to do damage to this country where i was born, i think america has a bring me down. i have a trucking company. i had to lose it because i could -- there and got $500,000 from saudi arabia. i think we have our priorities mixed up. i was 30 years around the world as a merchant seaman. i know what i'm talking about right now. guest: if i read the caller you are the second caller that has leaned towards by thethe assassination u.s. military with a drone in yemen, he is the american citizen killed, was justi
the wedding which took place in massachusetts in 2007. shafer says he hopes his case will be the beginning of change for his church. >>> now to a stunning revelation from one of our own. abc news correspondent amy robach has announced she has breast cancer. amy was diagnosed after getting a mammogram live on "good morning america" six weeks ago. she did the test on the air in a mobile clinic for breast cancer awareness month. at 40 years old, it was her first mammogram, one she had been putting off for a year. >> the whole reason i walked in the van was to raise awareness for people to get mammograms. and little did i know that i would be a walking example of having a mammogram to save my life. you are a walking example -- >> reporter: she plans to have a double mastectomy. as you can see, she broke the news alongside robin roberts, a breast cancer survivor herself. two strong women. >> it is a battle for untold number of women around the world and to do it on tv is brave. >> it is hard. >> the thing that struck me on "gma" yesterday was, amy said she put it off. she didn't want to have it
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